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Tagtool Workshops for kids or adults are great to learn and discover a new way of interactive art and storytelling in a playfull collaborative way. Rimiyoho is available for group sessions in two different modes:


Tagtool Basics 

Suitable for kids. They will learn the basic tools to create animated characters and explore their imagination using digital technology.

Tagtool Advanced

Suitable for young and adults. Rimiyoho will share all his tricks and explore all the app possibilities to perform live in a profesional way.

· Advanced Tagtool Workshop at Apple Creative Studios, Chicago, 2022.

· Tagtool for Kids, Feria Internacional del Libro de Azcapotzalco, 2019.

· Graffiti Digital, Yollocalli, Chicago, 2018.

· Graffiti Digital, Yollocalli, Chicago, USA, 2017.

· Graffiti Digital, Faro Aragón, CDMX, 2017.

· Tagtool for Kids, Festival de Cultura y Tecnología de Oaxaca, 2017.

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