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Rimiyoho Mandala Templo

Rimiyoho is a projection painting project by visual artist Fernando Sica based in México City. During his performance, Rimiyoho paints and animates in real time projecting on buildings, stages or in urban spaces, exploring ephemeral art in motion.


Rimiyoho creates animated digital artworks in front of people eyes using Tagtool for iPad, a projector and the night as a canvas, pluging the projector straight into his mind as an amplifier of imagination, freely improvising with shapes, colors and compositions over time. 


His recurrent themes includes what he calls "botanical graffitis" painting organic gardens growing on the walls, as well as underwater landscapes, organic mandalas and fantastic giant creatures that temporarily live in the buildings as beings of light.

Rimiyoho has performed at music festivals, cultural and commercial events collaborating with Dj´s, musicians and dancers creating magic audiovisual experiences.

He has been invited to perform live in México, Germany, China, Canada, Taiwan and United States and is looking for new places to paint and make new collaborations.


Selected Performances


· Future Biosphere, National Taichung Theater, Taiwan, 2023. Visit Website

· Apple Creative Studios, Yollocalli, Chicago, 2022.
· Festival de Día d
e Muertos, Memphis Tenessee, 2021.
· Canada Day, Mutek Online Event, 2020

· Mutek Montréal 2019, Motion 1, Les 7 Doigts, Canada.

· Mole de Mayo Festival, Thalia Hall, Chicago, 2018.

· ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2017

· National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago, 2017.

· Hisense 9th Annivesary, Tianjin, China, 2016.



· FICH, Festival Internacional de Chihuahua 2023

· Exposición Nirvana, FILUX Lab, Mérida, 2023
· FICH, Festival Internacional de Chihuahua 2019
· Festival Amado Nervo 2019, Nayarit.

· Circulo de Oro Festival, CDMX, 2019.

· Arts Library Opening, CENART, 2019.

· Mutek Mx 2018, Nocturne 2, Fábrica, CDMX.

· México Siglo XXI, Auditorio Nacional, CDMX, 2018.

· Festival Internacional Quimera 2018, Metepec.

· 360 Live Paint sessions, Desdoblamientos, CCD, 2018.

· Festival Diversa, CDMX, 2018

· FILUX Mérida, Yucatán. 2018

· FILUX, Festival Internacional de las Luces, CDMX, 2017.
· Festival de Dibujo Expandido, Faro Aragón, CDMX, 2017.

· Kinoki Film Festival, CDMX, 2017
· Festival de Cultura y Tecnología de Oaxaca, 2017.

· Locomoción Animation Festival, CDMX, 2016.
· Campus Party, Jalisco, México, 2016.
· Millesime México, Centro Banamex, CDMX, 2015.



· Advanced Tagtool Workshop Apple Creative Studios, Yollocalli, Chicago, 2022.

· Tagtool for Kids, Feria Internacional del Libro de Azcapotzalco, 2019.

· Graffiti Digital, Yollocalli, Chicago, 2018.

· Graffiti Digital, Yollocalli, Chicago, USA, 2017.

· Graffiti Digital, Faro Aragón, CDMX, 2017.

· Graffiti Digital, Festival de Cultura y Tecnología de Oaxaca, México, 2017.

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