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Rimiyoho Live at Circulo de Oro Festival

Rimiyoho was invited to paint live at Circulo de Oro Festival party.
After the awards finished the stage was painted with colors and moving mandalas next to the Dj´s that set the place on fire.
During Rimiyoho´s performance, the screen was used as a giant canvas to paint and animate live abstract mandalas built with module repetitions using color gradients and basic forms to create more complex structures that floated in the stage.


Circulo de Oro Festival exists to represent, elevate, recognize and celebrate all the talents that work in favor of creativity in Mexico.


Live illustration and animation using Tagtool for iPad.

Photography by Rita Bucatini.

Mask design by Mamífero

Music by Konofumin - Prototype A, Album: Disolve

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