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Rimiyoho & Magnanime meets Canada Day 2020

Mutek invited Rimiyoho to collaborate with Montréal musician & producer Sara Magnan a.k.a Magnanime to create an audiovisual performance for Canada Day 2020 online celebration for Canadian Embassy in México. 


Magnanime creates a techno-house hybrid rife with experimental nuances, embracing mistakes of technology and recycling odd noises into her perpetually evolving, beat driven repertoire. Her music takes inspiration from her cosmopolitan experience, in constant reinvention and metamorphosis and not without a sociopolitical side and authenticities


Rimiyoho invites people to an imaginative journey into a colorful dreamlike and mystical worlds drawn in real time bringing drawing and illustration as a performance into the musical scene, showing artwork creation in real time using Tagtool for iPad and pluging the projector straight into his mind as an amplifier of imagination, freely improvising with shapes, colors and compositions bringing a creative flow on stage.

Magnanime Soundcloud


Mask design by Mamifero

Photography by James Laudicina and Fernando Sica

Live illustration and animation using Tagtool for iPad.

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